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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Gregory, Alfred Ernest X Ethel Mavis Cheyne* ‎8 Aug 1906* Stockyard Creek, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Alice Elizabeth X John France Needs PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Alison Claire X Chris Northcott PRIVACY FILTER
man Gregory, Andrew John PRIVACY FILTER
man Gregory, Anthony George X Glenice June Williams S.r.n. S.c PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Diana Eve X Cyril Edward Williams PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Elizabeth Jessie X Leon Peter McEvoy Llb PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Ella Marion X Eric Duncan Fyfe* ‎21 Jul 1900* Hamley Bridge, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Elsie Muriel X Ralph Leonard Branson* ‎21 Feb 1915* Stockyard Creek, South Australia, Australia
man Gregory, George & N.N.
man Gregory, George Robert PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Gertrude Carrie X Norman Arthur Harris* ‎1 Mar 1904* Stockyard Creek, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Gladys Ellen X Vivian Venning Harvey* ‎5 Apr 1909* Stockyard Creek, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Glenys Lorraine X Philip Glen Edwards B. Sc., M. PRIVACY FILTER
man Gregory, Hedley John X Lila Cleland Haines* ‎18 Oct 1900† ‎8 Oct 1961
man Gregory, Ian Christopher PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Jane Elizabeth X Trevor John Futerieal PRIVACY FILTER
man Gregory, John Daniel X Beatrice Matilda Lily Bowey† ‎14 Jun 1910
man Gregory, John Thomas X Elizabeth Ann Humphreys* ‎4 Aug 1865* Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia† ‎23 Sep 1959[] Hamley Bridge, South Australia, Australia
man Gregory, John William X Judith Margaret Reardon PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Judith Mary X Brian John Bayly PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Lillian Elizabeth * ‎3 Apr 1874* Alma, South Australia, Australia† ‎Apr 1944† Hove, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Mabel Mary X Arnold James Williams* ‎30 May 1898* Bow Hill, South Australia, Australia† ‎4 Sep 1976
woman Gregory, Margaret Elizabeth X Alan Lindsay Martin* ‎29 Apr 1938† ‎3 Sep 1980
man Gregory, Mark Clarence X Ruby Elva Durdin* ‎31 Mar 1913* Stockyard Creek, South Australia, Australia
woman Gregory, Mary Louisa * ‎9 Mar 1871* Templers, South Australia, Australia† ‎4 Jun 1952† South Glenelg, Victoria, Australia
man Gregory, Michael Francis PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Patricia Jean X Eric Lewis March PRIVACY FILTER
man Gregory, Peter Anthony X Claire Rowland PRIVACY FILTER
woman Gregory, Rhonda Cleland 1st X Allan Alfred Heartfield, 2nd X Richard Montague Ellis PRIVACY FILTER

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