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woman Julia Susan Taylor‏‎
Daughter of James Taylor and N.N.‏.
Born ‎± 1839 Cavan, Ireland
Died ‎10 Oct 1919 Dalby, Queensland, Australia Senile decay & exhaustion‎, approximately 80 years
Donovan Taylor Marriage Cert

Julia obtained a land order in July 1863 and a second land order in 1865.

Married ‎17 Nov 1864 Dalby, Queensland, Australia (36 years married)
Donovan Taylor Marriage Cert


man Michael John "John" Donovan‏‎
Born ‎1834 Windgap, Kilkenny, Ireland
Baptised (religion: Church Of Rome - Roman Catholic)
Died ‎7 Jun 1901 Dalby, Queensland, Australia‎, 66 or 67 years
Buried ‎9 Jun 1901 Dalby, Queensland, Australia Dalby Cemetery
Occupation: Selector
Death Certificate for John Donovan
Extract from The Brisbane Courier, 8 June, 1901
Donovan Taylor Marriage Cert

About 1870 Thomas De lacy Moffet purchased a portion of Myall Creek station from Charles Coxen and named it `Cumkillunbah`. Later the name was changed to Kaimkillumbun and the township of that name is now situated on a section of that property. John and Julia worked for Thomas Moffet and it is believed that they were married while employed on the `Cumkillumbah` holding. In the early 1900`s John and Julia selected `Mount Pleasant`, a property near Irvingdale. This was to be the family home until John’s death. Later Julia moved to Dalby.

Emigrated ‎± 1861


man Patrick John Donovan‏
Born ‎10 Nov 1865 Queensland, Australia
Died ‎10 Aug 1937 Queensland, Australia‎, 71 years
woman Mary Ann Donovan‏
Born ‎29 Jan 1867 Dalby, Queensland, Australia
Died ‎27 Aug 1949 Dalby, Queensland, Australia Cnr Edward & Pratten Streets, Cause of Death: Pulmonary Congestion; Senility‎, 82 years
Mary Ellen Donovan’s birth certificate

woman Margaret Mariah Donovan‏
Born ‎26 Apr 1868 Queensland, Australia
Died ‎1960 Queensland, Australia‎, 91 or 92 years
man James Taylor Donovan‏
Born ‎1870 Queensland, Australia
Died ‎1959 Queensland, Australia‎, 88 or 89 years

Most records have James & Ellen with 7 children. Either Dolly or Vernie could be alternate names for 1 of the other children. (most have alternate names - Mary Julia Susan doesn`t - so she may be `Dolly`)

woman Catherine Frances "Katie Fanny" Donovan‏
Born ‎31 Dec 1871 Kaimkillenbun, Queensland, Australia
Baptised (religion: Roman Catholic)
Died ‎4 Jan 1946 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia St Vincents Hospital‎, 74 years
Buried ‎5 Jan 1946 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Toowoomba Cenetery
Occupation: Housewife
Marriage certificate of John McGilp and Catherine Donovan

man Robert Michael Donovan‏
Born ‎1 Aug 1874 Queensland, Australia
Died ‎12 Aug 1917 Queensland, Australia‎, 43 years
woman Julia Susan Donovan‏
Born ‎1879 Queensland, Australia
Died ‎1932 Queensland, Australia‎, 52 or 53 years
woman Unknown Donovan‏‎
Died ‎before 1901

only reference is on John Donovan`s death certificate as `1 female deceased`

man Donovan‏‎
Died ‎before 1901

Only reference is as a `1 male deceased` on John Donovan’s death certificate

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"Family Page: Julia Susan Taylor & Michael John Donovan." HuMo-gen - Colin Sandercock's Family Tree ( : accessed 06 June 2020) Julia Susan Taylor #I2126, born ‎1834 Windgap, Kilkenny, Ireland

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