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man Colin Sandercock‏‎, son of John Sandercock and Emily Edith Bond‏.
Born ‎7 May 1904 Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia
"Nether Hill"
, died ‎16 Apr 1980 Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia
Gumeracha Hospital
‎, 75 years, buried ‎ Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia
Enfield Cemetery
. Occupation: Farmer

Fodder: Judge G.L. Hampton remarked that Wheaten and Oaten hay classes were both of good quality. A little extra care in selecting sheaves for exhibition could have influenced the results. Baled hay class had six entries. First prize bale contained too much Barley grass; second prize had insufficient clover. Two entries were mouldy. Again greater care needed in selecting entries. E. Sandercock, C. Sandercock, V.A. Lee, D.C. Hynes.
Vegetables: Mr C.E. Filsell, of Forest Range said he was very pleased with the display and commended exhibitors "I would recommend in future that potatoes be washed as it tends to show defects." Prizewinners were: A.J. Parish, F.M. Green and Sons, W.A. Gray, V. Didiano, L. Naismith, Mrs E. Bleeze, E. Sandercock, H.J. Schlein, A. Dallow, L.S. Crowhurst, L.D. Cornish, H.E. Verrall and Son, Ralph Sandercock, N.G. Gallas, Miss E.B. Cornish.
Knitting & Needlework Open Classes: Judge M. Wilson said that in the Open Section there were some beautiful pieces of work, which helped to raise the standard of the local section. Mrs S.T. Elliott, E.M. Potter, Mrs M. Harnden, Miss G.A. Thiele, Mrs C.E. Cornish, O.T. Braun were the main prizewinners.
Local Section: Judge M. Wilson said the standard of work was very high especially in the embroidery which was most pleasing. The knitting section was rather poor no doubt owing to cost of wool. In all a very good show of work. "I was pleased to
see new sections, which will give still more interest." Mrs J. Moore, M. Farley, Mrs Monica Atkinson, L.D. Cornish, K.S. Cornish, Judy Nash, Mrs L. Evely, Miss M. Randell, J. Bleeze, D.J. Naismith, Yvonne Miles, Ralph Sandercock, D.M. Carter, B.R. Hanna, O.J. Naismith, Mrs L.T. Norsworthy, Mrs S.J. Hastwell, M.J. Tuck, Mrs H.R. Underwood, Mrs W.R. Hannaford, Miss M.J. Michalk.
Fruit: Judge Mr Walter Rehn said the quality of the fruit exhibited was up to the usual high standard with competition very keen and the collection of apples outstanding. J.J. and D.A. Stephenson, H.E. Stephenson, H.E. Verrall and Sons, W.A. Moore, C. Jamieson, E. Sandercock, Ralph Sandercock, J.M. Carter, S.A. Cornish, L.S. Crowhurst, shared the prizes.
[1/4/1953 6ab.]

Mr and Mrs C. Sandercock, of Kenton Valley, gave a surprise birthday party for their daughter, Enid, recently. Many of Enid's friends were present and a very lovely tea was served. After the tea community singing was held around the piano which was played by Mrs Keith Symonds and Mrs Brian Hanna. [29/6/1955 2a.]

Education Kenton Valley School ‎

Married ‎19 Jul 1932 (47 years married)
Leo and Bessie Sandercock, with younger brother Colin Sandercock, Nether Hill
Family farewell outside Kenton Inn, Gumerach, for Leo Sandercock, prior to his move to Queensland, 1946. Back row - L-R, Rex, leo, Ellis, front row - L-R, Victor, Una, Colin, Mona, Dulcie, Ralph


woman Doris Madge Moore‏‎, daughter of William Moore and Mary Agnes Billingsley‏.
Born ‎2 Jun 1905 Gumeracha, South Australia, Australia
"Hartley Vale"


GARDEN PARTY AT KENTON VALLEY. To wind up the year's activities the Kenton Valley Welfare Club held a garden party at the home of Mrs C. Sandercock, of Kenton Valley.
The President, Mrs K. Symonds, received visitors from Chain of Ponds, Birdwood, Mt Torrens, Forreston and Gumeracha.
Garden seats and bridge tables were set around the lawn where the ladies enjoyed an afternoon's entertainment of items and games. A play was presented by the Forreston ladies. Fruit cup was served throughout the afternoon and a beautiful afternoon tea, which included a pale green ice-cream birthday cake for the club was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. [30/11/1955 2c.]

MISCELLANEOUS AFTERNOON AT KENTON VALLEY. Thirty guests motored to the home of Mrs C. Sandercock at Kenton Valley to attend a Miscellaneous afternoon for Miss Claire Hannaford of Keith (formerly of Cudlee Creek) prior to her marriage to Mr Keith Prosser, of Tintinara. The afternoon consisted of games and musical items given by Mrs M. Hanna and Mrs L. Nickels.
Following a very enjoyable afternoon tea Claire unwrapped her many beautiful and useful gifts for her future home. [16/5/1956 9c.]

GUMERACHA JOTTINGS. Mr and Mrs Ellis Sandercock and Mr and Mrs Murray Hanna, have returned home from a motoring holiday.
Mrs Colin Sandercock has returned from her recent visit to Keith, where she stayed at the home of Mr and Mrs Elliott Hannaford. [1/8/1956 9c.]

BAPTIST CHURCH CONCERT AT GUMERACHA. A large crowd of about 150 people gathered to hear the first concert to be staged at Gumeracha Baptist Church Hall. Mesdames W.F. Nickels, G.R. Randell and K.M. Cornish played a pianoforte trio, which was followed by the Kindergarten children singing and carrying a 'Welcome' sign.
Messrs Harold and Grantley Redden sang a duet accompanied by Mrs Redden on the piano. Messrs Sid and Ralph Cornish and Hartley and Ivan Randell comprised a quartet. Mrs Lance Nickels sang a solo accompanied by Mrs C. Sandercock. The Male Choir sang an anthem. The Band of Hope featured a short and amusing dialogue and the Kenton Valley Girls Choir sang. Mrs G.R. Randell and Mrs O.F. Phillips sang a duet followed by the Kindergarten children.
An offering was taken up and this was followed by an interval, where a trading table with sweets and other items were sold and also hot home-made pasties. Total proceeds were about £23/10/-, which will go towards the cake stall for the Church Fete.
After interval Miss D. Billingsley and Mrs F. Redden played a pianoforte duet and the Intermediate Endeavourers sang campfire songs, while Jeanette and Alison Randell played their guitars.
Miss Betty Sinkinson sang accompanied by Miss Athalie Cornish, then the Band of Hope featured another dialogue.
John Cornish and Trevor Gregory acted well.
The ladies choir sang an anthem and Misses Joyce and Margaret Norsworthy sang a duet. Grantley Redden played two numbers on his piano accordion and this was followed the male choir. The full choir assembled on the platform to sing the final number of the concert.
Rev. R. Leith thanked everybody, including the ladies who decorated the hall so beautifully with tulips, lilies and blossom. [31/10/1956 10d.]

GUMERACHA BAPTIST LADIES' GUILD. On Wednesday in the Baptist Church Hall, Mrs C.P. Harvey and Mrs K.M. Cornish convened a Mystery Afternoon. Guests were asked to bring a Ω lb. of pennies in weight. Shoulder sprays made of sweets were sold, also coloured moulds filled with indoor plants, and afternoon tea and fruit salad. Competitions and singing items which were rendered by Mrs C. Sandercock and Mrs A.L. Nickels made a very enjoyable afternoon. Net proceeds were approx. £18. [13/2/1957 6d.]

(I am unsure if this is the correct Mrs Sandercock, but given her interest and involvement with music, she seems the most likely candidate) AGRICULTURAL BUREAU FIRST ANNUAL SOCIAL. A large crowd attended the first annual social of the Birdwood branch of the Agricultural Bureau, held in the Birdwood Hall. The President, Mr R. Ramm, welcomed members and their families and visitors from a number of district branches. The secretary, Mr K. Oster, read a very comprehensive report of the Branchës first year. A very varied programme was enjoyed which included several items by Mrs Sandercockës Dance Band from Adelaide, vocal items by the CWA choir and the Bureauës own male choir. Humorous items were given by Mr Reg Condon of Balhannah and a play reading by members of the CWA. A vote of thanks to artists and visitors was proposed by Mr R. Fleet and seconded by Mr J. McSkimming. A number of speakers from visiting branches also expressed appreciation. [28/8/1957 5d.]

CWA INTERNATIONAL DAY AT GUMERACHA. A large gathering of ladies attended the meeting of CWA on Thursday to celebrate International Day and to hear Miss Sutton, who recently returned home from the Philippines, tell of her experiences as a traveler and visitor to Manilla and the other islands.
Arrangements were made to entertain a number of aged people from the Magill Old Folks Home to a Christmas Party today. A Christmas luncheon is to be served and suitable presents will be given to each guest.
The Branch has also undertaken to entertain the Tanunda Brass Band when it visits Gumeracha for the Choral festival.
The President (Mrs Phillips) welcomed the guests, also Mrs Bowen who had made it possible for the speaker to be present.
Miss Sutton, a very fluent speaker, told of her time on the boat, of her experiences with the natives and many interesting places she visited. Members were surprised to learn how keen the people were to avail themselves of higher education. There was a far greater percentage of people attending universities than in Australia, she said. Mrs Harvey proposed a vote of thanks and presented Mrs Sutton with a sheaf of flowers.
The collection of "pennies for friendship" resulted in approximately 30/-.
A cake competition using not more than two eggs was won by Mrs C. Sandercock.
Mrs Bert Quinn, who is the Birthday Convener, was presented with a hand-made basket filled with roses which had been made by Mrs L. Jamieson. This was the occasion of her 70th birthday. Mrs Phillips spoke of the sincere affection which was felt by all members for Mrs Quinn, who is one of the oldest and most loyal members. She was then asked to cut a beautifully decorated cake, which had been made by Mrs L. Norsworthy. Mrs Quinn responded. The next meeting is in January, when the competition will be "Something Antique." [4/12/1957 10c.]

KENTON VALLEY WELFARE ASSOCIATION. Annual Meeting. There was a good attendance at the June meeting of the above at Mrs C. Sandercock's. Officers elected were: Mrs V.A. Lee, president, Mrs A. Cornish, vice-president; Mrs C. Sandercock, secretary, treasurer and liaison officer. Mrs Lee, welcoming members, extended a welcome to Mrs Daniels, a visitor, and thanked members and officers for their support.
Approximately £50 is being donated to various charities.
Mrs Sweetman was in charge of a trading table, and, to conclude the meeting, afternoon tea was served. [9/7/1958 3c.]

KENTON VALLEY K.V. GIVES GENEROUSLY. A garden party convened by the Kay Vee Welfare Society, was held in the attractive garden of Mr and Mrs V.A. Lee.
Gay bunting and balloons and miniature Christmas trees gave a festive effect in a perfect setting.
Mrs Hicks snr, of Mt Torrens, opened the afternoon's function. A trading table sold out quickly, and a collection of 2/- for each adult realised approximately £24.
Ice cream, cool drinks, and a nice afternoon tea was enjoyed by the 65 adults, and quite a gathering of little tots.
The welfare is to be congratulated on its efforts. Mrs V.A. Lee (president) and Mrs C. Sandercock (secretary) have about 12 members. These ladies have monthly meetings at different homes. At the previous meeting, it was decided to give £25 to the Gumeracha Hall Committee, towards the renovations of that hall. They also presented £2/2/- towards the TB Christmas Appeal, and donated an electric clock to the Gumeracha Soldiers Memorial Hospital for Christmas, for the Men's ward, besides giving to other appeals through the past year. Well done, Kay Vee. [17/12/1958 12e.]

KENTON VALLEY LADIES RED CROSS. The Kay Vee ladies had a very successful afternoon at the home of the secretary, Mrs C. Sandercock.
There were 20 ladies present, and with the trading table £7 was raised towards their Red Cross drive.
During the afternoon Mrs K.M. Cornish and Mrs C. Sandercock entertained with a pianoforte duet, and Mrs Lance McKels sang a solo.
Two competitions in charge of Mesdames V.A. and R.V. Lee, were won by Mrs Ray Carter and Miss Elsie Carter. [1/4/1959 4f.]

KENTON VALLEY WELFARE. 92nd Birthday of Member. The Kay Vee Welfare meeting was held at the home of Mrs K.B. Symonds. It was decided to present a white flower stand for use at the Gumeracha Town Hall.
The main feature of the afternoon was the 92nd birthday of Mrs Moore, mother of Mrs K.B. Symonds and Mrs Colin Sandercock.
A very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed. Afternoon tea, which included a birthday cake, made by Mrs Colin Sandercock, was served. Greetings were extended to Mrs Moore from near and far. [17/6/1959 6d.]

BIRDWOOD UNITED CHURCH GUILD. The Birdwood United Church Ladies' Guild held their fifteenth birthday meeting in the Birdwood Hall. There were about 140 ladies present. Representatives from South Rhine, Mt Pleasant Presbyterian and Church of England, Gumeracha Baptist and Methodist, Mt Torrens, Tungkillo, and Birdwood Lutheran Guild, answered the roll call. The president, Mrs A. Thompson, welcomed the visitors.
Mrs Thiele, of Mt Torrens, rendered a vocal solo and was accompanied by her mother, Mrs Hicks. The Guild choir sang "Bless This House." Vice-president, Mrs Learmonth, led in prayer and Mrs McSkimming was pianiste.
The guest speaker was Mr Rose, from the Spastic Children's Home at Woodville. Mrs Learmonth thanked the speaker and presented him with a box of mixed fruit. When Mr Rose said he intended giving it to the Home, the Guild decided to send their birthday cake also. The cake was made by Mrs Harris and iced by Mrs Dallow, of Forreston.
Three of the foundation members of the Guild, Mrs C. Sandercock, the first secretary, and Miss C. Bleeze, organiste for several years, both now of Kenton Valley, and Mrs Staples, Birdwood, who was president for a number of years, performed the ceremony of lighting and extinguishing the candles and cutting the cake.
The collection amounting to £6/7/- will be equally divided between Ernabella Mission and China Inland Mission as usual. Mrs Arnold and Mrs H. Zilm had the trading table, which realised £9/4/4. The cake stall, convened by Mrs J. McSkimming and Mrs Higgins, took £3/14/3.
The sprays of flowers presented to artists were arranged by Mrs F. Loechel. During the afternoon an unfortunate accident occurred when the choir stepped off the temporary stage in the hall it tipped forward and two pedestals toppled over breaking the two large valuable vases, which were filled with flowers, also pot plants in a stand. [22/7/1959 7b.]

ABOUT HILLS CWA BRANCHES - GUMERACHA MEETS. The first meeting of the year of the above was held last Thursday. The president, Mrs Phillips, welcomed a large gathering of members. Business and other discussions centered round the Anzac Hospital Fete to be held on April 23.
The CWA have been approached by the Show committee to cater for the show on Saturday, April 2.
During the afternoon Mrs K. Schubert read birthday greetings to Mesdames C. Sandercock, R. Bowey, Sinkinson and Nickels.
A fancy Pot Holder competition was won by Mrs Nuske. Mrs T. Fraser was the adjudicator.
Slides were shown by Mrs D.C. Hynes of her recent trip abroad. At the conclusion, afternoon tea was served. [16/3/1960 11b.]


FRUIT. Judge Walter Rehn said: "Fruit as usual was of very high quality, well up to the usual high standard with apples to the forefront." J.J. & D.A. Stephenson, H. Stephenson, C. Jamieson, H.E. Verrall & Sons, J.M. Carter, R. Sandercock, W.L. Hanna, Mrs E.M. Hooper, B.W. James, Mrs L.D. Cornish, H.A. Hanna, S.A. Cornish, L.S. Crowhurst, M.R. Gladigau.
COOKERY. Joint Judges E.W. Kinnear and J. Johnsen said it was pleasing to see more entries this year. They all looked fresh and nicely set out. Biscuits sections were very good and the tray of fancy biscuits was outstandingóthe biscuits were well cooked, dainty and very artistic. Both the rich fruit and boiled fruit cakes were very good; special mention to ribbon cakes which were of high standard. Jams and jellies were excellent.
S. Edwards, Miss Y.B. Miles, Mrs R.L. Grigg, Mrs K. Bleeze, Mrs A. Schleibs, G.C. Dallow, Mrs R.G. Almond, Mrs S. Smedley, Mrs W.G. Hucks, Miss C. Newman, Mrs C.T. Camac, Mrs L.C. Schlein, Mrs M.F. Pitman, M.R. Sandercock, Mrs A.K. McGorman, D.M. Jenkins, Miss M.R. Carter, Shirley Dallow, Beth Grigg, Mrs E.B. Cornish, D.F. Herrmann.
FODDER. A. Schleibs, G.C. Michalk, M.R. Gladigau, C. Sandercock, W.A. Gray, D.C. Hynes.
VEGETABLES. F.M. Green & Sons, A. Schleibs, L.M. Naismith, V. De Diano, R.G. Almond, A.J. Parish, R. Sandercock, A. Dallow, Miss E.B. Cornish, J.M. Carter, H.A. Hanna, L.S. Crowhurst, A. Verrall. [31/3/1954 7ac.]

K.V. LADIES FAREWELLED. On Wednesday the Kay-Vee Ladies held a meeting at the home of Mr and Mrs C. Sandercock Kenton Valley. Quite a number of ladies were present and took the opportunity to say goodbye to Mesdames V.A. and R.M. Clark, who are leaving shortly to reside near Strathalbyn. The President, Mrs Rex Sandercock, spoke on behalf of the Kay-Vee Welfare Club, of which both ladies are members. Mrs V.A. Lee on behalf of the Church and Mrs A.W. Lee the Sunday School. Mrs Vic. Sandercock also spoke on behalf of neighbours, wishing them success in their new sphere of life. Mrs V.A. Clark suitably responded and by special request sang a solo. [2/6/1954 5a.]

PANTRY EVENING AT KENTON VALLEY. For Lobethal Girl. A Pantry Evening was held at the home of Mr and Mrs Colin Sandercock, of Kenton Valley, on Wednesday for Miss Peggy Klose, of Lobethal prior to her marriage on Saturday to Mr Ian Sandercock, younger son of Mr and Mrs Ellis Sandercock, of Kenton Valley. Approximately 40 persons attended and Miss Klose received some very nice gifts for the pantry.
The young people of the district who were present had donated money for the purpose of buying books, which were presented to the recent newly-weds of the district, namely: Mrs Roger Lee, Mrs Peter Sandercock, Mrs John Hannaford, Mrs John Trenorden and Miss Peggy Klose. These books were given to the girls as a welcoming gift to the district.
During the evening community singing was held and many games were conducted by Mr Hartley Symonds. The most popular game of the evening was the ladies "leg show," firstly for the young and then for the older ladies. Mrs Brian Hanna was the pianiste for the evening.
Misses Roma and Enid Sandercock travelled from Adelaide especially for the evening.
Fruit cup was served throughout the evening and a delicious supper was convened by Mrs Colin Sandercock and Mrs A.L. Nickels. [7/9/1955 3e.]

GUMERACHA JOTTINGS. Miss Roma Sandercock is spending her annual holidays with her parents, Mr and Mrs Colin Sandercock, Kenton Valley. [18/7/1956 10e.]

KENTON VALLEY. Sister Roma Sandercock and a colleague, who left South Australia last January for a twelve month round the world tour, are now in Rome. Their next call is Paris. The girls are having a wonderful time and great experience. Roma is the daughter of Mr and Mrs C. Sandercock.
Messrs Denzil Sandercock and Dean Hanna have returned from a cruise, calling at all capital cities, via Suva, after a splendid trip. [17/9/1958 11d.]

KAY VEE AT KENTON VALLEY. The first Kay Vee meeting for the year was held at Mr and Mrs C. Sandercock's home. It was decided to make a special drive for Red Cross funds. A very nice afternoon was spent, and a tasty afternoon tea was served. A trading table did brisk business. [11/3/1959 11d.]


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