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Married to:

man Arthur John Sandercock‏‎, son of Victor Sandercock and Maud Ralph Symonds‏.
Born ‎13 Mar 1922, died ‎22 Jan 1957‎, 34 years

GUMERACHA PERSONAL. Dr and Mrs P.F. Stratmann are on a short holiday. Dr Seager is relieving.
Mr and Mrs W. Sparrow former residents of Gumeracha, returned for a few weeks stay with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Jim Coad.
Mr and Mrs Peter Parsons and family from the Peninsula (Mrs Parsons was formerly Yvonne Coad) are staying with Mr and Mrs W. Coad.
Mr Harry Miels and family are enjoying their annual vacation at Port Elliot.
Mr and Mrs Max Assender and family have motored across to Western Australia for a three weeks holiday, leaving Mrs Angus Lee and Mr Arthur Sandercock in charge of the bakery business. They are expected home this week.
Mrs Dick Dunn and family are guests of Mrs Smith, of Mount Barker.
Mrs V.A. Clark and family are spending a week with Mr and Mrs Traeger at Tanunda.
Mrs D. Amber, senior, has her mother staying with her. Grandma is 90 years of age.
Mr and Mrs M. Guthrie and family have arrived home from a three week stay at the Grange. [3/2/1954 3d.]

GUMERACHA FOOTBALL CLUB ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. The annual general meeting was held at Gumeracha Institute Hall on Monday. Mr Chambers presided with Mr A. Bleeze secretary and 29 members were present. The balance-sheet was adopted and showed the Club to be in a very nice financial position.
Officers elected for season 1955 were:ñ President, Rev. M. Chambers; Patron, Dr R.R. Bowey; Secretary, A. Bleeze; Delegates to Association, Rev. Chambers and Mr R.G. Almond; Proxy Delegates, K. Colbey and J. Norsworthy; Timekeeper, B. May; Gatekeepers, R. Almond, K. Colbey, H. Randell; Auditor, H. Summerton;
Social Secretary, W.B. Moore; Ball Steward, K. Bleeze.
Mr H. Symonds was elected Captain with K. Hanna as his deputy for "A" grade, Mr H. Saunders and H. Summerton were elected captain and vice respectively of "B" grade. Mr F.H. Dohnt was elected head trainer with A. Sandercock and L. Green assistants.
A motion was carried to the effect that Dr P.F. Stratmann, the Club's previous Patron, who has left the district, be forwarded a letter of thanks for his assistance in the past.
Club delegates were instructed to again vote at the Association meeting for S.A. National Football Association umpires and past season admission prices of 1/d and 6d. for cars, remain unaltered this season.
It was decided to accept Tailem Bend Football Club's offer of a trial match to be played at Gumeracha on 23rd April.
The secretary was instructed to make inquiries regarding a trip at the end of the season.
A dance was held in the Gumeracha Institute on Friday night in aid of the Club. [16/3/1955 11c.]


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